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Rick Cadilha – Coach
LeVar Piper – Coach
Craig Sears – Coach
Phil Brunt – Coach
John Menezes – Coach
Suad Murseli – Coach
Tevin Piper – Junior Coach
Tanvir Kahlon – Junior Coach
Katelyn Vanderlaan – Junior Coach
Del Plummer – Coaching Assistant
Greg Puzak – Coaching Assistant
Faser Romeo – Coaching Assistant
Raquel Cadilha – Coaching Assistant
Faruk Abukar – Coaching Assistant

Admin Staff

Lauren Cloutier
Nimia Piper
Melanie Preiss
Doreen Antunes

Coaches and Staff Bio
Rick Cadilha

Coach Rick first became involved with amateur boxing at the age of 8 when he began to “hang out” at the local neighbourhood gyms in Toronto. A few years later, Rick and his family relocated to the Kitchener area and after a few close brushes with the law, Rick found himself at the Waterloo Regional Police Boxing Club under the guidance of Jerome “Hook” McComb and later Arnie Boehm. It is here that Rick would develop his two passions, coaching and policing.

At the age of 18, and his boxing career over, Rick entered into the coaching stream, completing his Level 1 NCCP in 1984. Employment would see Rick move to Sarnia where he was the Assistant Coach to Silvio Fex at the Lambton St. Clair Boxing Club from 1989 to 1993.

Rick returned to the Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy in 1994 and continued coaching under Arnie Boehm until his death in 2002. Arnie’s passing was very difficult on Rick so he decided to step away from the boxing club and spend more time with his own family.

In 2004, with the boxing club in dire straits and very close to closing its doors, Rick was asked to come back. After a two-year hiatus, Rick returned to his “home away from home!”. Rick took on a huge task and was able to convince everyone around him that W.R.B.A. was needed in this community. Rick created new partnerships within the community and as a result the “Arnie Boehm Training Centre” was built, a state of the art training facility and the largest boxing club in the country.

Today, Rick is the leader of the W.R.B.A., the largest and most unique boxing club in the country. Rick remains true and committed to the W.R.B.A mission statement “To promote positive and healthy lifestyles for the youth in our community” Rick has stayed true to the values and ethics of his mentors, to create well-respected, productive members of society by building self-respect and improving self-esteem.

Rick is currently working on completing his Level 5 National Coaching Institute Certificate. Rick continues to promote the NCCP and is a Facilitator with the NCCP.

Life is competitive! Rick’s continued contribution will help enable these young people to compete, not just in the ring….. but in life.

LeVar Piper

LeVar was introduced to the Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy while attending High School. He spent some time training with Arnie Boehm before moving away for college.During college years, he stayed active training in Capoeira, Balintawak Eskrima, and Muay Thai.

After achieving various levels of proficiency in each discipline he returned to boxing. Having trained with 3 former world champions and competing, LeVar made the difficult but inevitable decision to give up being the athlete and support his sons as a coach in the very club that he began boxing.

As a coach LeVar has participated at Provincial competitions as well as junior and senior National competitions. He has worked with elite level athletes and National level coaches. He has been working his way up the NCCP coaching stream and recently completed his first level 3 course. His responsibilities within the club include overseeing the competitive program and assisting with various fundraising initiatives.

LeVar draws from his experiences as a high school athlete, martial artist, and competitive boxer as well as the influences given from past trainers and mentors to offer a unique approach to preparing athletes for competition.

Craig Sears

Coach Craig was born and raised in Waterloo Region.

He grew up in Cambridge playing intercounty baseball.  While attending Southwood Secondary, he was active in gymnastics, track and discovered his true talent was football.

He was drafted as a running back into the CFL, but after a devastating on-field injury wasn’t able to fulfill his dream.

Craig went on to coach Cambridge Cubs inter-county youth baseball for many years.

Craig was introduced to boxing by his friend LeVar Piper.

He started training and realized that boxing was his new passion.  He joined WRBA in 2010 and completed his level 1 NCCP in 2015.  He coaches junior and senior classes and assists with the competitive program.

Craig believes that incorporating physical activity and fitness into your life brings great enhancement to all you do.  He’s thrilled to pass his beliefs on to those who attend his classes, which aren’t for the feint of heart.

Phil Brunt

John Menezes

John was born and raised in Timmons Ontario but has been living in Waterloo for the past 20 years. He is a Level One apprenticeship coach. He
started coaching at WRBA in 2013 where he was the head coach for the boxing 101 program for boxers who were new to the sport. He loves coaching and seeing the kids come into the gym and giving it their all. He loves the sport of boxing so much he got married in the ring to his wife Jen.
Fraser Romeo

Hailing from the prairies, Fraser fought in white collar programs for coach Harry Black at Pan Am Boxing in downtown Winnipeg. He was a member of the competitive sparing team there before moving to the Waterloo Region for work in late 2016. He joined Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy as an assistant coach to stay involved in the sport and make connections in his new community.Fraser’s favorite thing about boxing is the discipline that it requires. He can be found assisting Coach John in the boxing 101 programs and with the junior and senior class on Wednesday nights. When he is not coaching or working Fraser practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is an avid traveler.
Del Plummer

Coach Del came to Waterloo Boxing from the University of Guelph Men’s Soccer Team coaching staff. He spent 5 years there as an assistant coach after playing soccer for the University of Waterloo Warriors. During this period Del also played in the Canadian Professional Soccer League for the London City Soccer Club.
In University Del started kickboxing and later transitioned to boxing. After playing soccer and hockey throughout his life he only truly found fitness through fighting sports.
For the past 14 years coach Del has been with WRBA. While he does not competitively box anymore he still plans on coaching well into the future.
Colm Kerr Coach Colm was born in Belfast, N Ireland and grew up passionate about two sports, swimming and boxing. Colm began teaching career in Belfast in 1964.

Colm immigrated to Canada in 1967 and settled in Kitchener in 1973 having graduated with BA in Psychology from U of Waterloo. Colm was a teacher at Msgr Doyle High School in Cambridge and St David High School, Waterloo.

In 1986, Colm along with a few friends in the Community “resurrected” the Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy and has served on the Executive since its inception. Colm currently holds the position of Treasurer.

Coach Colm is responsible for the delivery of the Boxing 101 program. The program is designed to introduce beginners to the sport of Amateur Boxing. The classes are small so that individual attention is paramount and the participants can merge successfully into the recreational program.

When not conducting Boxing 101, Colm often attends classes and assists both the Junior and Senior classes.

Coach Colm has two daughters and enjoys retirement with his wife, Eleanor, also a retired teacher and a member of the Executive.

Suad Murseli

Suad Murseli joined the boxing club in 2008 at the age of 14. Through hard work and dedication, Murseli won his first provincial title in 2009 and his first National title in 2010. Murseli has boxed across Canada, the US and even Europe, facing the best boxers out there.

Post wining his Nationals, Murseli decided to get his coaching license and give back to the boxing gym that gave him so much.

While coaching the junior, senior and competitive classes, Murseli incorporates cross-fit style workouts for strength and conditioning as well as hand-pad and bag work for boxing specific techniques and drills.

In 2013, Murseli took a brief break from coaching to attend University at Laurier. After four short years, Murseli graduated with a Criminology degree in hopes of becoming a future police officer.

Today, Murseli is back at the boxing gym and is committed to coaching and being a mentor to the young athletes in the gym. Murseli may be new at coaching but his boxing record and background speaks for itself when it comes to knowing the sport.

 Tevin Piper  Tevin started training at Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy in 2009. His first bout was in 2011 at the Brampton Cup. He won the 2012 Ringside World Championships in Kansas City Missouri in 2012 and after that won 2 consecutive Ontario Provincial championships. The peak of his achievements was in 2014 when he captured gold at the Canadian National championships in Quebec city. Tevin was named boxing Ontario’s athlete of the year and has also acquired quest for gold funding for a year in rewards for his training and achievements over the years. He now volunteers as a coach at the gym to help out the younger generations coming up while training.
 Tanvir Kahlon

 Katelyn Vanderlaan
 Greg Puzak
 Raquel Cadilha
 Faruk Abukar
Lauren Cloutier
 Nimia Piper
 Melanie Preiss
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