LeVar Piper

LeVar Piper


LeVar was introduced to the Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy while attending High School. He spent some time training with Arnie Boehm before moving away for college. During college years, he stayed active training in Capoeira, Balintawak Eskrima, and Muay Thai.

After achieving various levels of proficiency in each discipline he returned to boxing. Having trained with 3 former world champions and competing, LeVar made the difficult but inevitable decision to give up being the athlete and support his sons as a coach in the very club that he began boxing.

As a coach LeVar has participated at Provincial competitions as well as junior and senior National competitions. He has worked with elite level athletes and National level coaches. He has been working his way up the NCCP coaching stream and recently completed his first level 3 course. His responsibilities within the club include overseeing the competitive program and assisting with various fundraising initiatives.

LeVar draws from his experiences as a high school athlete, martial artist, and competitive boxer as well as the influences given from past trainers and mentors to offer a unique approach to preparing athletes for competition.

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