Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy is a member of Boxing Ontario and the Canadian Boxing Association. Each Athlete who participates in boxing must be a registered member of Boxing Ontario. There are two types of registrations:

Recreational is an athlete who participates in the workout but does not engage in the contact portion of training, commonly known as “sparring”.

Competitive is an athlete who has progressed to be able to either compete in local, provincial competitions and tournaments, or does not wish to compete but would like to “spar” in their workout.

Each athlete must complete a Club Registration Form, Boxing Ontario Form and the Club Code of Conduct prior to participating in a class.

Boxing 101 Full

As a prerequisite to joining the recreational program, Boxing 101 offers a comfortable environment in which to learn the basics and foundations of boxing. You are introduced to the basic boxing stance, basic movements, and three basic punches. You will also get a look at a few of the exercises we use in the recreational program. The class is comprised of individuals who have NO prior experience in the sport. There are two age groups; 10-17 (Junior) and 18+ (Senior). Each session runs for a month, and the classes are on each Thursday for that month. Junior class runs from 6pm to 7pm and Senior from 7pm to 8pm. The fee is $80 for THAT month (which includes handwraps, skipping rope and your annual registration fee). After the Boxing 101 program, you will join the recreational program subject to the regular monthly fees of $40.

Fees: $80
Day: Thursday
Time: Junior (Age 10-17) 6pm to 7pm
Senior (Age 18+) 7pm to 8pm
NOTE: This program only runs for a certain number of weeks throughout the year. Space in the program is limited, so please email [email protected] with your contact information to be added to the waiting list!

Recreational Boxing Full

Come and learn the “sweet science” of Boxing! This class will introduce you to the basic techniques used in the Olympic form of the sport and get you in great condition at the same time. The Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy is aware that not everyone interested in boxing wants to join a club or box competitively, and that for many people the training side is appealing but not the contact form of the sport. This program is offered to participants from ten years of age and older and is geared to teach boxing for physical fitness and for competition, if desired. The recreational program is designed to give participants a feeling of self-worth as an individual and team player. It will help youth and young adults to feel like productive citizens having participated in something rewarding and worthwhile. Boxing training provides some of the best all over body conditioning you can get, no matter what your age or level of ability. It's a great way of improving stamina and boosting the cardiovascular system while improving core strength and balance. The training is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people recognize the health benefits and realize that you can train like a boxer without actually competing. At no point will there be any open sparring during the recreational class as the program aims to provide an opportunity for everyone to take part in fitness studio-based boxing and to experience the fitness, health and happiness benefits of training like a boxer.

Fees: $40/month
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Time: Junior (Age 10-17) 6pm to 7pm
Senior (Age 18+) 7:30pm to 9pm

Competitive Boxing Full

As a registered member of the WRBA Competitive Program, you are able to participate in the extra time allocated at the end of the regular class as well as any extra training days scheduled. Eligible members benefit from additional instructions in techniques and a structured strength and conditioning program. Also, these individuals have an opportunity to travel for participation in training camps and competitions. Each training session is focused on a specific aspect of the program. The functional workouts give the athlete a chance to focus on strength and conditioning using a variety of exercises from battle ropes to plyometric drills. Technical sparring days are filled with drills to enable the athlete to learn specific techniques in a very controlled environment. Open sparring days gives the athlete an opportunity to practice the techniques in simulated competition. The competitive program not only works to build great boxers but also great individuals. As a member of the competitive team, you are encouraged to give back to the community by actively participating in a number of the charity events we support, such as Spin 12, the Children’s Wish Foundation and the local food bank. All senior competitive members are encouraged to enter the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coaching stream, and mentor younger athletes. The WRBA competitive program has been very successful in producing a number of Provincial Novice and Open class champions as well as National champions in all age divisions.

Competitive boxing fees are set by Boxing Ontario click here for fee structure
Medicals each competitive athlete is responsible for his/her yearly medical required medical form can be found here
NOTE: Being a member of the Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy competitive team is a privilege in order to be part of the competitive team you must be selected by coaching staff. These selections are based on dedication, discipline and work ethic. Successful candidates will be notified by the coaching staff if they are accepted into the program.

Individual/Group/Team Training

This is a separate program, please e-mail us at [email protected] for pricing and scheduling.
Individual, group and team training sessions are available at Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy. One-on-one training sessions will help identify proper technique and maximize the athlete strengths and fitness goals. Group sessions are available for those interested in beginning a regular exercise routine and are motivated by interaction with peers who have similar goals. Team session will help develop team chemistry, communication and trust. For more Information or to Register email Rick at [email protected]

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