Suad Murseli

Suad Murseli


Suad Murseli joined the boxing club in 2008 at the age of 14. Through hard work and dedication, Murseli won his first provincial title in 2009 and his first National title in 2010. Murseli has boxed across Canada, the US and even Europe, facing the best boxers out there. Post wining his Nationals, Murseli decided to get his coaching license and give back to the boxing gym that gave him so much.

While coaching the junior, senior and competitive classes, Murseli incorporates cross-fit style workouts for strength and conditioning as well as hand-pad and bag work for boxing specific techniques and drills.

In 2013, Murseli took a brief break from coaching to attend University at Laurier. After four short years, Murseli graduated with a Criminology degree in hopes of becoming a future police officer.

Today, Murseli is back at the boxing gym and is committed to coaching and being a mentor to the young athletes in the gym. Murseli may be new at coaching but his boxing record and background speaks for itself when it comes to knowing the sport.

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